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  • 5 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Costa Rica This Summer

    23 May 2016
    by Donielle Fish

    It will be another hot summer throughout most of North America and Europe and struggling with the heat will be real. Here in Costa Rica, it is considered mid season and is a wonderful  time to visit. Here are 5 of the top reasons why visiting our part of Costa Rica in summer can be […]

  • Spring Vacations in Costa Rica Will Jump Start Your Summer

    20 Apr 2016
    by Donielle Fish

    8 Great Reasons to Book a Trip to Costa Rica This Spring! The clocks have changed and the count-down begins. Spring will soon be coming to your neck of the woods. Want to make that seem sooner? Take a late spring trip. Speed up that process with a wonderful tropical interlude that will have budding […]

  • 5 Reasons to Rent a Holiday Villa

    22 Dec 2015
    by Donielle Fish
    Holiday Villa

    Do the holidays overwhelm you? Do you find last minute shopping, hours of cooking and obligatory visits with distant relatives often overwhelming and stressful? Maybe it is time to consider renting a vacation villa in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica for the holidays. There is nothing like Christmas in Costa Rica. It is a celebratory time with plenty […]

  • Ready to escape the summer heat? Come to the Costa Rican Jungle!

    31 Jul 2015
    by Donielle Fish

    It has been a hot summer and many parts of North America are struggling with the heat. If you are finding yourself stuck indoors trying to escape the heat and a last minute booking to your local lake or resort town means staying in a not- so- desirable or overpriced cabin, then a trip to […]

  • Nature is at Your Doorstep in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

    22 Jun 2015
    by Donielle Fish

    Costa Rica’s Wildlife Costa Rica is the land of nature and wildlife and nowhere will you see nature at your doorstep like in Manuel Antonio. There are few experiences in life that can compare to seeing beautiful exotic animals living as nature intended, in their natural habitat, and every single person who visits this beautiful […]

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