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Whale Watching Costa Rica

Much of everything in Costa Rica revolves around its namesake infamous “rich coast” and the first two weeks of September are no exception. Both tourists and locals alike will flock to the waters known as “Whales Tail”, about 20 KM South of Quepos, to witness an event of grand proportions: Whale Watching Costa Rica.

Every year during the months of July through December, hoards of Humpback Whales continue their annual pilgrimage up the pacific coast where they choose the safety of Costa Rica’s warm and shallow coastal waters to give birth to their calves. Those of us lucky enough to be in Costa Rica for their arrival will get an opportunity to take part in the magical event appropriately named “Costa Ballena” or the “Whales Tail”. This two-week festival of mammal migrations will bring approximately 8,000 curious visitors to the Central Pacific Coast of this beautiful country as well as the southern zone to celebrate whale and dolphin sightings.

Manuel Antonio has served as a nesting ground for several traveling mammals and these gentle giants have made their appearance known over the past several months. Playfully breaching the surface of the water, guests aboard chartered boats have been able to get a close up view of the mother and baby whale. With a cool breeze and tons of opportunities to be seen, a quick trip down the coast is not to be missed! One morning while not busily planning luxury villa rentals and Costa Rica vacations for our clients, our team at Costa Rica First Class Villas was able to sneak away and get out on the water and experience this marvel for ourselves. While aboard one of the Tres Ninas Boat Rental boats we saw what was identified as a pregnant humpback jumping out of the water “Free Willy” style and then another momma and baby calf soon after swimming alongside our boat. We certainly enjoyed the magnificent experience of whale watching in Costa Rica and invite anyone to try it if they are in Costa Rica this time of year. It is a true sight to be revered while traveling in Costa Rica!

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