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Villa Weddings

Costa Rica destination weddings are unique celebrations, and whether small and intimate or larger in size, they bring together family and friends for a special time that lasts for more than just one day. The focus is on creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere so that loved ones can connect and enjoy each other’s company in an exotic and unforgettable location.

Costa Rica First Class Villas’ rentals create an exclusive and ideal option for special events and destination weddings. Whether small or mid-size, villa weddings are extremely unique in that they provide a relaxed atmosphere that caters exclusively to the villa and wedding guests in a fully private setting.  For larger groups, we provide the option of Side by Side rentals, providing not just one amazing luxury rental, but your entire wedding venue all in a totally private location. In total with our three side by side villas, there are 14 bedrooms and space for accommodating up to 50 guests for cocktail or dinner receptions. The villas are all adjacent to each other, perfect for multiple rentals in which guests can stroll from home to home for mingling, or hosting different-themed events. Rehearsal and receptions, “Dine-arounds” and cocktail parties between the villas are a unique way to maximize space and share in the beautiful offerings of each home. 

The experienced team at Costa Rica First Class Villas offers couples a simple way to plan a personalized experience in paradise. We work diligently from start to finish to ensure that all details of your wedding are accounted for including the coordination of catering services, design & decoration, flowers, rental equipment coordination, hair & makeup services and live music. Using only the finest vendors, we meticulously plan your wedding day to the First Class standards. Prior to your arrival to Costa Rica, we supply you with a Personal Concierge who can organize every aspect of your trip and be available to all of your guests so that you have more time to relax and don’t have to worry about the details of trip planning for your guests. Upon arrival, we welcome you to your villa and supply a personal concierge to assist you to create a relaxing vacation leading up to your wedding day. On the day of, our team will be on site to handle and orchestrate all details so you can simply be at ease and enjoy your special day.  With a natural love for planning and a great deal of experience in event coordination, we handle all of the details with your end design in mind. From our stylish yet suitable Villas all the way to the last bloom in your bridal bouquet, we are here to make sure that your wedding vision is executed to perfection.

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