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How to Save Money on Travel to Costa Rica

  • How to Save Money on Travel to Costa Rica

Costa Rica, here you come!

Sun, sand, exotic animals and adventure await. And, if you’ve visited before, you know there’s no price that can be placed on the bliss this vacation will bring. Yet, at the same time, you work hard for your dollar, cordoba or other currency. So, why not save money on your travel to Costa Rica? It’s possible to do so without sacrificing comfort and ammenities, and we’re here to tell you how.

3 Ways to Save Money on Travel to Costa Rica

You can enjoy the best Costa Rica vacation without breaking the bank when you heed the following three tips.

1. Go when it’s “low.”

“Low” in this case refers to the low season, also known as Costa Rica’s rainy season or green season, which runs May to mid-December. Most people choose to visit during the dry season or summer, assuming their vacation will otherwise be a wash. And, that’s just not true.

Most areas only see a few hours of showers each day, giving travelers time to relax. And, with the rain comes beautiful sights and sounds. Our rainforests are greener, our plant life more abundant and our animals more active. So, people coming in our “rainy season” get in on our wonderful secret and save money.

2. Plan in advance.

There are few things more exciting than a spur-of-the-moment trip. Yet, the fact remains, the earlier you book travel to Costa Rica, the lower your fares. This is especially true for in-country airfare.

You may need to fly within Costa Rica, once here, to get to your destination or to visit another area. And, you’ll want to get tickets as soon as possible. Not only are promotional rates available for a few seats, the aircrafts are limited in space. Reserve early to get the flight you want at a price you can appreciate.

On the other hand, accommodations are less predictable. When booking with hotels or resorts, for example, your rate will be subject to occupancy and may fluctuate day to day. Yet, if choosing an independent property, such as a luxury villa, you can rest assured you’re getting the best possible price.

3. Do as the locals do.

What better way to experience Costa Rica than like the people who live and work here? And, let’s not forget it’s also a great way to save money on your travel! For instance, if you’ll be staying in or near a town, rely on public transportation. It’ll get you around cheap and allow you a personal look at our culture. Now, we’re not discouraging your from hiring a private driver or renting your own vehicle, if that is what you prefer, but in the interest of saving some dollars, our public transportation is a great option.

Also, when you have access to a kitchen, such as in your vacation rental, you can buy fresh vegetables, fruits and meats at farmers and local markets. Then, you can prepare an intimate dinner. Or, you may even choose to eat at a “soda”, which is the name give to a locally-owned restaurant that prepares authentic local fare. Doing so gives you a taste of our delicious and distinct flavors at lower prices.


The Best Way to Save Money on Your Costa Rica Vacation

Speaking of locals, there’s no better Costa Rica travel expert than those living right in our country. You don’t have to forgo quality accommodations or pay exorbitant prices when you trust a local vacation rental manager to assist in your planning.

A local vacation rental manager oversees a few to several properties within Costa Rica. They rely on your repeat business or recommendations to others. So, they want nothing more than to see you happy. For this reason, they will provide unrivaled advice to meet your wishes.

They understand your options for transportation and know where to shop and eat, as well as where not to do these things. They’ll help you cut costs in areas you can, while ensuring you enjoy your best possible Costa Rica vacation.

At Costa Rica First Class Villas, we live and play right where we work. Contact us to plan a memorable vacation, and expect to save money on your travel to Costa Rica, too.

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