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Planning Your Costa Rica Vacation

  • The One Thing You Need to Plan Your Costa Rica Vacation

The One Thing You Need to Plan Your Costa Rica Vacation

White sandy beaches, lush green rainforest, countless adventures, easy living… these are just a few reasons why you’ve made the right decision to visit Costa Rica. Now, it’s time to deep dive into planning the trip you desire and deserve, but what’s the best way to do it?

Many people will try their hand at the internet, which has become the go-to in so many aspects of our lives. They’ll seek to build their own agenda, relying on an overabundance of information that may be out of date or untrue. Others will look to online booking companies to schedule their precious vacation, while many of these companies are not even located in the area, let alone the country! They’ll get caught up in their claims of low prices. Yet, are these the most effective ways to plan a Costa Rica vacation?

The Problem with Online Booking of Your Costa Rica Vacation

The internet has revolutionized the vacation rental industry, both for the good and the not-so-good. Large travel agencies assert to have villas all over the world, while perusing online listing companies and using booking platforms. The benefit is travelers can outsource their planning to these companies and do it with little to no human interaction or effort. At the same time, no one takes a personal approach to planning your trip. This puts your hard-earned money and the integrity of your Costa Rica vacation at risk. Fortunately, a better solution exists.

You can lessen your work and ensure a memorable time when you rely on local vacation rental managers. Avoid the gamble, and let a real Costa Rica travel expert plan the right adventure for you.

4 Reasons to Trust Local Vacation Rental Managers

Local vacation rental managers live where they work. This gives them first-hand knowledge of Costa Rica so that they can supply expert guidance in:

1. The right areas to visit.

Give local vacation rental managers any level of detail on what you want from your Costa Rica vacation. Are you a lay-out-on-the-beach-all-day kind of person? Do you seek adventure at every turn? Or would you like a healthy balance of both and more? Whatever your wishes, a local vacation rental manager can recommend the best destinations in Costa Rica to make them happen. And, you can expect them to be based on their own experiences and those of countless clients.

2. Smart and safe travel options.

Your travel to (and within) another country can be intimidating, especially when you’ve never visited before. While there are only two international airports in Costa Rica, you’ll have your choice of several options for getting around. Your plans may include crossing the country, traversing a mountain or simply heading into town. And, a local vacation rental manager can help you get from point A to point B – smartly and safely, whether by land, air or sea.

3. Reputable rental properties.

At the core of the services they provide, local vacation rental managers oversee various properties in Costa Rica. These may include large luxury villas overlooking the ocean or smaller condos directly on the beach. But, the important part is they have first-hand knowledge of the accommodations. They don’t just take the word of someone else about their condition. They stand on their own feet when they suggest the best property for your stay. This allows you to rest assured you’re in good hands.

4. The best activities.

Your must-do activities in Costa Rica may include ziplining through a rainforest or fishing offshore. And, if you informed your local vacation rental manager of your wishes, he or she has likely put you in or near the best place to do these things. Now, let this individual recommend a reputable company based on their own experience. This will help ensure best use of your time and money, while guarding your safety, so that you can focus on making wonderful memories.

At Costa Rica First Class Villas, we live where we work and travel all over our country to personalize recommendations just for you. Our complimentary pre-arrival planning and on-site attention ensure your best Costa Rica vacation. Contact us to get started on your travel plans.



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