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This is What Happens on Costa Rica Family Vacations

Where to spend precious time with loved ones is a question that plagues many moms and dads at least once per year. Knowing we have limited time for travel, and the expense to do so is not small, deciding the place to make memories should not be done in haste. Yet, it can be grueling to consider all the choices and then make the call – when it should be just the opposite. Many families choose to visit the same beach or island year-after-year, in search of relaxation, but out of convenience. Others opt for amusement parks, where many activities keep the kids occupied. Knowing this begs the question: What’s the best option for those who want a healthy mix of it all? People of any age find what they’re looking for on Costa Rica family vacations. 

Why Costa Rica Family Vacations Offer It All 

Costa Rica offers a little to a lot of everything anyone in the family could dream of in a vacation. For starters, many of our beaches, like those of Manuel Antonio, offer smooth, white sand, perfect for lounging, throwing frisbee or riding horses. Then, just beyond their borders, visitors can explore lush rainforest by foot or in the air. Either way, they’re likely to spot such exotic wildlife as the two-toed sloth, the howler monkey or a scarlet macaw.  

Many divide their time between these activities and those that take place on our waters. For example, surfing is a must-do for those staying in the town of Jaco. And, in most places along the coast, families can charter a boat to spot humpback whales, scuba dive or enjoy some of the world’s best sportfishing. Other aquatic adventure is found on our rivers, which provide varied levels of whitewater rafting and kayaking. But, the best news is these activities are only a preview of all that awaits those on Costa Rica family vacations. Better yet, their benefits will linger a lifetime. 

5 Benefits of a Family Trip to Costa Rica 

A few days in Costa Rica can have positive, lasting effects for everyone who visits. Some of the things your family will enjoy are: 

1. Less stress

People set out on family vacations to unwind, to feel better. Fortunately, in Costa Rica, the environment allows for just that. Here, simplicity is the way of life, and locals will often exclaim “pura vida” to wish anyone in passing pure living. It’s contagious and helps families not only to enjoy their trip, but to best enjoy the company of each other. 

2. Hands-on education. 

Don’t tell the kids, but they’re going to learn some things while in Costa Rica. And, parents may, too! It starts with a visit to a new place, trying local foods and seeing exciting sights, among other first-time experiences. These may tickle one sense or many, like a trip through a Costa Rican rainforest often does. But, without a doubt, their adventures are going to provide education that expands their minds and their horizons. 

3. Stronger bonds.  

From exploring a mangrove to relaxing around the pool, families have several opportunities for quality time. These shared experiences allow them to learn more about one another. This creates stronger bonds and results in a tighter-knit family. And, the new dynamic should lend to a happier home once the vacation is over.  

4. Greater confidence. 

Having a stronger bond with family is enough to give one greater confidence. But, imagine how self-assured both kids and adults can feel after soaring high on a zipline or rappelling down a waterfall. The best part is doing these activities with those you love most and becoming more courageous together!

5. Wonderful memories.

All the wonderful things you’ll see, do and enjoy will only provide the family beautiful memories. These are stories everyone will revisit time and again and ones the kids can share with their own one day. Costa Rica provides an experience like nowhere else for memories to last a lifetime, or more. 

At Costa Rica First Class Villas, we offer everything that makes the best Costa Rica family vacations. From accommodations to activities, let us plan the trip that will bring you all these and other benefits. 

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