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Why Your Family Needs a Thanksgiving Getaway to Costa Rica

    costa rica thanksgiving

    Work, school, social commitments and, not to mention, a doozy of a U.S. political climate… your family needs a break! The holidays are coming and should provide just that. But let’s face it, the hustle and bustle they bring only add to the chaos. What your family really needs is a vacation. STAT. In fact, doesn’t a Thanksgiving getaway to Costa Rica sound amazing?


    Sure, it may be a non-traditional thing to do for such a traditional occasion. But we assure you, it’ll be just what the doctor ordered for your family.


    That’s because, in Costa Rica, we understand the holiday’s true meaning and give thanks for our loved ones every single day. We place high priority on quality time with all our relatives. And these values will be evident and lend a peaceful, yet cheerful environment for your own family. We want you to create positive memories for a lifetime. You may even find a restaurant that offers a customary Thanksgiving meal in the process! But we promise that won’t be all.


    Discover why Costa Rica is the perfect destination for your Thanksgiving getaway.


    2 More Reasons to Plan a Thanksgiving Getaway to Costa Rica


    1. Costa Rica offers better all-around climate (AKA sun and fun!).

    A typical Thanksgiving wardrobe is made up of long sleeves, pants and boots, but not in Costa Rica. Instead, pack your tees, tanks and flip flops, and plan to enjoy our beautiful, pristine beaches in 80-degree temps. If swimming, sunbathing or learning to surf aren’t your family’s ‘thing’, no worries. There’s lots to experience in our lively, lush rainforests, whether from the ground or in the air via zipline. You can also hike a national park to watch the sloths and monkeys in action. Visit one of our spectacular and active volcanoes. Take a cruise. Go whitewater rafting, horseback riding or sport fishing. There are so many sights to be seen and fun to be had for the whole family.


    Still, you may be questioning the ‘sun’ aspect since Thanksgiving is on the cusp of our green season (or rainy season). It’s true; you may see some showers. But know, depending on your location, you won’t see them your entire stay. They typically come in the afternoon, giving you time earlier in the day for outdoor activities. And this leaves the remaining hours for that much-needed relaxation.


    1. Costa Rica is the ultimate place to relax and reconnect.

    In addition to our family values, Costa Ricans’ general way of life sets the stage for a wonderful bonding experience. While here, you’ll hear us say “Pura Vida” every chance we get. It’s to simply wish you pure and easy living. And that’s just what our country offers, especially at Thanksgiving.


    You’ll essentially have your run of the land since our locals are at work and in school and others have yet to discover our ideal Thanksgiving getaway. This means less time in lines and crowds and further facetime with family. If you desire more of the latter, book a vacation villa and plan to stay in.


    Our Costa Rican villas offer gorgeous, unimaginable views of the ocean, rainforest or both. They have their own pools and outdoor areas to take in the warm sun. And their indoor amenities, such as state-of-the-art kitchens and even access to an on-site chef, give you no reason to ever have to leave.


    It’s easy to see. Thanksgiving is the perfect time – and Costa Rica the perfect place – to cure all that ails your family. Let this year’s holiday be one you have fun, relax and reconnect.


    Don’t let the opportunity pass you by. It’s not too late.  Book your Thanksgiving getaway to Costa Rica now!





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