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Hidden among the thick green vegetation lies symbiotic relationships between the natural eco-system and the Costa Rican wildlife, which depend on one other for survival. It’s also what brings tourists flocking to Costa Rica for a glimpse of some of Costa Rica’s most prized inhabitants. Boasting more monkey’s than people, Costa Rica is indeed rich with wildlife and is what defines Costa Rica as a treat for the eyes and ears. While roosters are known to awaken early risers, the Howler Monkey is Costa Rica’s most natural alarm clock. Living high up in the canopy, these black furry creatures share their booming and deep set calls for all to hear.

A more mild mannered and quiet neighbor has been known to pop over to balconies or nearby trees for a visit. The Two-Toed Sloth is easily Costa Rica’s iconic symbol and leaves tourists and locals alike fawning over their seemingly perpetual smiling faces. It’s not uncommon to watch a kind-hearted local stop traffic to assist a very slow moving Sloth cross the road in safety.  Flying high above the canopy with a flash of colors and high pitched call is the Scarlet Macaw. These large birds add a burst of color to the green tree tops and are a bird lovers dream come true. Rarely seen but off spoken about, the Costa Rican Jaguar is a mountain legend and those lucky enough to catch a glimpse of this marvelous creature can do so in thanks to the conservation efforts that have been put in place within Costa Rica.

The best way to view Costa Rica’s gentle giants is to hop on board a boat and cruise the coast. Humpback Whales regularly make an appearance off of the Pacific coast as they follow migratory patterns and choose the warm Costa Rican waters to give birth to their calves. These magical creatures can be photographed jumping out of the water and giving an annual show not be forgotten. Snorkeling among the shallow reefs is a sure way to get up close and personal with Costa Rica’s Leatherback Turtles. Known as one of the largest turtles in the world, hundreds of thousands of these slow moving creatures align with the Full Moon and choose Costa Rica’s protected beaches to lay their coveted eggs which is truly a sight to be seen.

Come to Costa Rica the pristine beaches, the endless sunshine, the breathtaking sunsets, the colorful culture but allow yourself to be awed by the wildlife that happily co-exists in this paradise.

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