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While Costa Rica is commonly known for its world renowned beachfront and cascading coastline, the true adventurer knows the secrets that lie in the sprawling and protected tropical rainforest. Tropical Rainforests are often referred to as “jewels of the earth” and are home to two-thirds of all living animal and plant species on the planet. 

Lush and green throughout the year, Costa Rica is a fantastic place to visit for the avid nature lover. The jungles here are some of the most pristine and secluded on the planet, and play host to an incredibly varied mix of insects, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and birds. Among the most productive ecosystems in the world, Costa Rica’s forests have created truly unique habitats that have a microclimate all their own.

 A visit to Costa Rica is hardly complete without a walk through its dense, tropical forests, where giant trees are home to hundreds of plants, the sounds of rare bird species such as the Scarlett Macaw and the “howling” of the Howler Monkeys can be heard in the air, and slow-moving sloths can be found lounging high in the upper canopy. Nearly every activity in Costa Rica incorporates the lush environment, but walking through the forest with a naturalist or meandering along suspension bridges through the canopy offer visitors a way to immerse themselves in the country’s natural surroundings. With a seemingly endless supply of certified and highly knowledgeable rainforest and wilderness guides, you can immerse yourself in one of Mother Nature’s finest creations.

Not be missed is a visit to Costa Rica’s Cloud Forests. The cloud forests of Costa Rica are some of the most beautiful. Covering the higher slopes of volcanoes and mountains all across the country, these amazing environs with their mysterious fogs and thick growth of bromeliads, mosses and ferns, offer tourists some of the most fabulous and luxuriant environments to trek or canopy tour in.

 Take advantage of the rainforest walking trails and discover the magnificent world within.

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