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5 People Who Love Rainy Season in Costa Rica

  • Sun and Clouds Manuel Antonio Beach

Do you know that 2.6 million people visited Costa Rica last year? Tourism in 2015 broke the record and further demonstrated the lure of the country’s beauty and diverse culture. In fact, the destination is so alluring, 30% of tourists return “for at least a second visit.”

The majority of these visits happen in the summer, or dry season. But many travelers to Costa Rica have discovered the benefits of the ‘other’ season — the rainy season. They know there are many wondrous sites to be seen and adventures to be had during its months.

Therefore, if you’re purposely avoiding the rainy season in Costa Rica, Condé Nast Traveler suggests otherwise. The experts say, “You may be missing out on the more intense pura vida experience.”

About the Rainy Season in Costa Rica

The time of year running May to mid-December is known as the rainy season in Costa Rica. It’s also commonly known as the “green season.” And it’s safe to say it gets both monikers honest. These months boast more rain than those in the summer. Yet, there are many upsides.

The first to know is that, despite it being called the country’s winter, temperatures don’t considerably drop. This means your suitcase will still carry light with shorts, sundresses and flip flops.

Second, it typically doesn’t rain all day. Showers in the province of Guanacaste, for example, usually begin later in the afternoon and are short-lived. This provides tourists the time to enjoy outdoor activities abound.

Finally, the rain amplifies Costa Rica’s beauty and creates additional experiences for a memorable stay. This attracts certain people, like the following five individuals, to the rainy season in Costa Rica.

People Who Love Costa Rica’s Green Season

  1. The Nature Lover.

It comes as no surprise that the rain only makes the area’s lush green landscape its most vibrant, hence the nickname the “green season.” The precipitation also fosters the growth of more plants, flowers and fruits. And their bloom attracts wildlife, from butterflies and birds to sloths and monkeys, giving our nature lovers more to enjoy. In short, the green season is the season to experience the Costa Rican rainforest. Hint: The Manuel Antonio National Park is a great place to do it!

  1. The Coffee Connoisseur.

Coffee production has been important to Costa Rica’s economy for close to two centuries. They take it so serious, in fact, National Coffee Day is celebrated every September and serves to kick off Independence Day festivities. Coffee tours are also available at Central Valley’s various coffee farms and production facilities. But beach bums, never fear.  A drive from the coastal destination of Jaco to the Central Valley is less than two hours! Can you already smell the aroma of fresh arabica coffee beans?

  1. The Leisurely Traveler.

Rainy afternoons in Costa Rica create the perfect haven for travelers simply seeking relaxation. Rest in luxury and take in the views from a hilltop villa. And when the sun rises, take your time before heading out to relish the day’s activities. After all, lines and crowds are almost non-existent in the green season. This makes a leisurely trip to Costa Rica living la pura vida at its finest!

  1. The Adventure Seeker.

With less tourists, adventure-seeking travelers have exclusive access to the area’s great activities. Horseback or ATV rides and ziplining can all be tackled in the mornings and early afternoons before the rain comes. Plus, the extra rain only adds to the experiences of whitewater rafters and surfers. The latter whom enjoy the beach town of Dominical year-round.

  1. The Bargain Hunter.

As if the above benefits aren’t enough, travelers to Costa Rica in the green season will also enjoy cost savings. And they can be as significant as 30 percent! It starts with flights and accommodations and trickles down to activities. Additionally, visitors may get enhanced service at these reduced costs since there are less people. This results in a greater focus on you, helping you, too, to see the allure of rainy season in Costa Rica.

Did you relate to one or more of these people? There’s still time to book your trip for Costa Rica’s green season!

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