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5 Ideas for Planning the Best Costa Rica Vacation

Let’s face it; planning and taking a family vacation or trip with a large group can be more torturous than relaxing at times. You must first grapple with booking travel and accommodations for all these people. Then, you’ll likely struggle to keep everyone happy a time or two (or ten) once there. It’s no wonder we often need a vacation from our vacation. The good news is there are ways for travelers to enjoy their Costa Rica family vacation without compromise.

How to Plan and Enjoy Your Costa Rica Family Vacation

  1. Don’t sweat the season.

There’s a common misconception that the best time to visit Costa Rica is in the summer, or dry season. Yet, the truth is, the green season is our most beautiful time of the year. Sure, it’s known as the rainy season, and we do in fact see more rain. Rain that brings our vibrant rainforests to lush life. But, your days won’t be a wash in most areas of the country. You’ll have time for outdoor activities during certain hours. And during showers, you’ll have time for relaxation and good, old-fashioned family bonding.

  1. Enlist the help of a local expert.

If you do nothing else on this list, make sure you heed this tip. That’s because a local vacation rental manager is your key to the most efficient planning of your trip. Their service lends to pinpointing the right vacation rental to traveling safe to and around the country to even choosing the best destination based on your group’s desires. So, skip the dicey online booking and protect the integrity of your Costa Rica family vacation with a local expert.

  1. Find many of your must-do’s in one place.

Do you have a lounge-on-the-beach-all-day person in your family? How about an adrenaline junkie always on the search for adventure? You’ll be excited to know many of our national parks offer it all. That’s right; you can all head to one destination and find exactly what it is everyone’s hearts’ desire. For example, in Manuel Antonio National Park, you’ll not only find beaches. You’ll find whitewater rafting, horseback riding, underwater diving, hiking and so much more. Plan for a day or more in a park near you, and keep everyone happy.

  1. Set up a “home base.”

Being in another country and on vacation in general can be exhausting. That makes where you stay so important. In Costa Rica, you’ll have your choice of condos, resorts and cottages. But, consider the rental of a luxury villa to provide the escape you need. Its size gives your group space to be comfortable, and its furnishings enable a true home away from home. There’s no better place to rehash and relive all the day’s wonders. This is especially true when done from your private pool overlooking the ocean, rainforest or even both!  

  1. Take advantage of rental perks.

When you trust a local vacation rental manager, you get expert advice that can carry over to include the best activities for your trip. They’ll know which vendors are safe, reliable and offer the best bang for your buck. And, if you decide to book a luxury accommodation, you may even get concierge service that can arrange for a nanny for mom and dad nights out or an in-home chef to cook when you don’t feel like doing it yourself or leaving the house. These are little things that can make a Costa Rica family vacation truly special and one to always remember.


At Costa Rica First Class Villas, we have luxury properties and first-class services to ensure the best Costa Rica family vacation. Give us a call today to plan the trip of your entire group’s dreams.

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