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  • 4 Tips When Planning a Destination Wedding

    26 May 2015
    by Donielle Fish
    Costa Rica Manuel Antonio Destination Wedding

    Having a destination wedding instead of a traditional wedding can be the most wonderful experience and can be the most perfect start to a beautiful married life. These 4 tips can help you avoid stress and make your wedding the dream of a lifetime.  Plan Ahead Like any event, giving yourself the time you need to […]

  • Why a Costa Rica Vacation Rental is a Great Choice

    21 May 2015
    by Donielle Fish
    Why a Costa Rica Vacation Rental is a Great Choice

    Planning your vacation? Here are some reasons why a  luxury vacation villa in Costa Rica can be a better choice than a hotel or resort. Your Own Private Home Costa Rica is famous for the nature that abounds and a private vacation rental offers an incredible sense of privacy you cannot get from a resort. Imagine […]

  • The Secret Behind the Costa Rican Spheres

    25 Mar 2015
    by Donielle Fish
    costa rican spheres

    How the United Fruit Company Almost Destroyed the Stone Spheres and One Woman Who Stopped Them.    The United Fruit Company was a large American corporation formed in 1899 that traded in tropical fruit (primarily bananas), grown on Central and South American plantations, and exported to the United States and Europe. The company had a […]

  • Spring Vacations in Costa Rica Can Jump Start Summer!

    17 Mar 2015
    by Donielle Fish

    Book A Spring Vacation The clocks have changed and the count-down begins. Spring will soon be coming to your neck of the woods. Want to make that seem sooner? Take a late spring trip. Speed up that process with a wonderful tropical interlude that will have budding trees and spring flowers peaking out upon your […]

  • 5 Very Handy Tips When Travelling to Costa Rica

    7 Mar 2015
    by Donielle Fish

    Travelling abroad can be exciting, scary, hectic and mind-opening all at the same time and while it’s easy to travel to a country like Costa Rica that offers so many North American comforts and similarities, the true essence of travel is to experience the uniqueness of the place you are visiting.  There’s nothing like travel […]

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