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  • Spring Vacations in Costa Rica Will Jump Start Your Summer

    20 Apr 2016
    by Donielle Fish

    8 Great Reasons to Book a Trip to Costa Rica This Spring! The clocks have changed and the count-down begins. Spring will soon be coming to your neck of the woods. Want to make that seem sooner? Take a late spring trip. Speed up that process with a wonderful tropical interlude that will have budding […]

  • 3 Amazing Costa Rican Fruits You Didn’t Know Existed

    23 Mar 2016
    by Donielle Fish

    There are many amazing fruits and vegetables in Costa Rica that you may never have heard of but must try! Travelling to Costa Rica there are some certain guarantees. The beautiful beaches, great cocktails and the fresh fruit served in the morning – Sweet pineapple, watermelon, mangoes and bananas that are always perfectly textured  and […]

  • Celebrating Easter Week in Costa Rica

    17 Mar 2016
    by Donielle Fish

    Easter week is an exciting time in Costa Rica. Known as Semana Santa, it is one of the countries most important religious holidays. Holy Week is celebrated this year from the 19th to the 27th of March and no matter how you spend the holiday, you’re sure to witness a variety of religious traditions.  More […]

  • 5 Truly Romantic Things to Do in Costa Rica

    3 Feb 2016
    by Cynthia Contini

    There is a reason that Costa Rica is considered one of the top romantic destinations for couples. With perfect weather, gorgeous beaches, incredibly beautiful luxury villas and amazing food, Costa Rica offers an unforgettable holiday for any couple, young and old. Here are 5 of our favourite romantic things to do in Costa Rica   Walking […]

  • The Fabulous International Cuisine of Costa Rica

    26 Jan 2016
    by Cynthia Contini

      Costa Rica’s amazing landscape makes for some excellent growing conditions and the most wonderful tropical fruits and vegetables abound. Being surrounded by ocean water offers up the best in seafood and our local small farms offer up the most flavorful chicken and pork you will ever taste. Along with its traditional dishes, Costa Rica is […]

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